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 It is easier than ever to get the antioxidant power and fiber content of foods such as blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries.  Of course, let's not forget about watermelon and cantaloupe. Try starting your day off with  fresh fruit and low fat yogurt or a cup of raspberries added to your favorite Kashi cereal! Being healthy never tasted so great!   Add one cup of sliced strawberries to your dinner salad with your favorite olive oil/balsamic vinegar dressing and boost the vitamin C content of the salad by 200%! Bake a delicious apple and sprinkle with Cinnamon and nutmeg for a tasty treat.  Of course, do not forget about squash- it makes a great side dish or add to your favorite stir-fry. 

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Most diseases and illnesses have a nutritional component. This means in most cases there exists a nutritional deficiency which caused a break down in certain tissues or organs. For example, a deficiency of certain B vitamins and Co-enzyme Q10 can lead to a weakening of the heart muscle and a decrease in the heart’s functional capacity or performance.

Ideally, proper nutrition should come from the foods eaten. A well balanced diet is crucial to maintaining health and wellness. However, with today’s lifestyle, the prevalence of fast food and the current methods of processing foods leaves us with nutrient depleted foods. This makes consuming an adequate amount of proper nutrients in viable forms is extremely difficult. This makes supplementing with quality vitamins a must for most people.

Our innovative nutritional and herbal support provides you with the products to fill the gaps in your diet and will support your wellness and disease prevention. Herbal remedies play a large part in the drugless holistic approach to disease management. Many herbs are potent and provide effective alternatives to their medicinal counterparts.

Do you find yourself adding medication after medication and not seeing the health improvement you expect?
Are you suffering from fatigue, anxiety, weight gain or muscle pain- only to be told your blood work is normal and nothing is wrong?
Do you have a cabinet full of old supplements and not quite sure which ones to take?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, our nutritional support program will help! Our nutritional support system will provide you with a nutritional plan and products that are individualized according to your current health issues, your health risks and current food intake. We will help you determine where your deficiencies lie and how to correct them.

We provide nutritional and herbal products from a variety of companies. Each product we supply is a superior nutriceutical grade product. The quality assurance of each company is impeccable. We work with suppliers who have been in business for at least ten years, manufacture their own raw materials and have a remarkable safety record. We guarantee the quality of the products we recommend.

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Co-enzyme Q-10:
Co-enzyme Q-10 is an enzyme found in high concentrations in the heart. It is needed by the heart and many other body tissues to function. It has been noted in many cases of heart disease the concentration of Co-enzyme Q-10 is quite low. Supplementing with Co-enzyme q-10 daily is recommended for those with a history or increased risk of heart disease. Order yours today!

Licorice Root (along w/ Ashwagandha):
The benefits of licorice have long been studied and noted to assist with improved vitality. Licorice will help nourish the adrenal cortex-when it is in a state of overproduction. If you are feeling stressed try some licorice root!  

This is the perfect companion for any weight loss program. This natural appetite suppressant will curb your appetite. Made from the protein of a potato, this product will help with the release of cholecystokinin, which is a substance in the body that makes us feel full.

Omegalicious for kids
: This delicious gummy for kids provides the critical omega 3-fatty acids DHA and EPA. This is crucial in boosting kids brain power, immunity , digestion and to support their rapid growth. A must have for all children over the age of 4!

These statements are truthful and non-misleading statements permitted under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. Theses statements describe the role or mechanism of a nutrient as it relates to the structure and function of the human body. These products are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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