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Nearly 30% of U.S. children between the ages of 7-19 are categorized as clinically obese. The incidence of diabetes, digestive disorders (including heartburn!) depression, anxiety and high cholesterol in children is skyrocketing. These are startling statistics! With an explosive proliferation of fast food restaurants and easy access to processed junk food, parents often feel helpless and overwhelmed. Children are suffering from a society driven disease- obesity. Where do parents turn?  What is the best diet plan for kids?  We have the answers!  Kids That Lose Win is a revolutionary program which focuses on modifying food behaviors, providing solid nutrition and educating parents and children on creating a foundation for optimum health.

This unique program serves as one of the best weight loss models for children ages 7-18. The success of Kids That Lose Win program is incredible! Your child will be rewarded with

  • Quick healthy weight loss
  • Improved self esteem
  • Increased physical stamina
  • Improved immune system
  • Great foundation for future health
  • How to eat the right foods,exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle 
  • Reduced risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, thyroid issues, anxiety/emotional disorders     

 This program will teach you and your child how to make the right food choices, balance food intake, create fun, easy to make and great tasting foods! You and your child will set weight loss goals and plan for success. Stop arguing over food, boost your child’s self esteem, reduce your child’s risk for serious illness and improve your child’s overall health.

This program is available for immediate purchase at the online store-get started today and your child will see results tomorrow!

What is included in the “Kids That Lose Win” program?

  • Success manual complete with easy to follow menus, delicious kid friendly recipes, parent tips, instructions on how to modify poor food behaviors and instill positive choices and the very effective 5 day fat buster to start the program.
  • One month supply of the fat buster, health booster- lipotain and the all important health and weight loss aid the omega three fatty acids/fish oil (this product is available in raspberry flavored gummies or gel caps). 
  • A fourteen day supply of the Ultra Meal Medical food protein shake. This delicious shake is available in Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry. 
  • Proven and effective strategies on how to safely incorporate fun fitness activities.  
  • Goal setting and reward planning activities which add to the long term success of the program

Sneak some veggies into kids' favorite foods

An easy and fun way to get your kids to eat more fruits and veggies is to "sneak" them into their favorite foods. Try the following tips:

  • Add peas or green beans to pasta dishes
  • Slice a banana, add it to a peanut butter sandwich
  • Use blueberries and strawberries as toppings for frozen yogurt or low fat ice cream
  • Add broccoli, tomatoes, peppers even pineapple as pizza toppings (lite cheese of course!)
  • Add fruit such as berries or bananas to your Ultra Meal smoothies (available in the online store)
  • Freeze grapes and enjoy a fresh cold snack




  Why are additional vitamins and nutrients necessary for kids losing weight?

Many sources oppose additional nutritional supplementation for kids.  Many experts feel children receive enough vitamins and minerals from their daily food intake. The problem with this theory is many obese children are not eating the proper foods therefore they are not receiving in most cases the basic nutrients needed to support growth.  Don't forget kids' bodies go through rapid growth spurts even children with a weight problem. "Kids That Lose Win" focuses on improving overall health through weight loss. In order to boost health, essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients are necessary. What are the best weight loss supplements for kids and teens? Antioxidants, good quality protein, fat and carbs, adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D are all in high demand in children especially those engaged in weight loss. Using a protein drink/Ultra Meal Medical food is a very safe, effective and nutritious way to deliver a low calorie, low glycemic index food.  A supplement of omega 3-fatty acids is used to support overall health-especially digestion and nervous system development in children. Kids who are overweight or obese are vitamin/mineral and nutrient deprived. They are also most likely overloaded with artificial colorings, refined sugar and hydrogenated fats. Ridding the body of the by products of too much junk food and building a solid foundation for health requires proper nourishment-to get this nourishment additional supplementation is required.


Here is what some of our families who have completed the program are saying:

  Kayla C: " With this program I learned not only how to eat healthy but also how to set goals and reach them. This helped me in school!  Thanks Dr. Christa!"

 Abby D " I was always the heaviest kid in my class.  This plan helped me see that exercise can be fun and I was able to lose weight.  I was so proud of myself when I reached my goal weight!! I never knew eating healthy food tasted good." 

Maria T " I tried so many diets for my 16 year old daughter and none worked! I could see her weight was having a terrible impact on her social life.  This is the first plan that showed my family how to stop using food as a crutch-no more food rewards just rewards.  My daughter has lost 35 pounds and my entire family now eats much healthier!" 

Ann C: " My son had always been heavy.  By the time he was in high school his doctor told us he was considered obese and was a borderline diabetic. He also suffered from digestive problems.  His doctor said all of his health issues were related to his weight.  This plan taught all of us portion control, what good nutrition is and what vitamins to take. Most importantly, it showed my entire family how to start to exercise and make it fun. Now, our whole family exercises together and spends great family time together-this has brought us closer. I now have time to spend with my kids that gives us a chance to talk and get healthy." 

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