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The Good Choice Diet is the best quick weight loss solution. Loosing weight can be a difficult and confusing process. This plan makes loosing weight easy and heart healthy. We provide the success strategies, meal replacement and the best and most advanced nutritional support products, heart healthy menu choices and delicious easy to prepare recipes. This plan is easy to follow and will provide quick sustainable results!  This plan is available exclusively through our online store or by calling our office at (954) 570-5848

If you suffer from the following- we have a solution

  • Difficulty losing weight
  • Reached a plateau with current weight loss plan
  • Feel tired, exhausted- have no energy
  • Cannot lose weight following pregnancy
  • Feel you don't eat a lot of food but still cannot lose weight

The Choice is yours get started today!

This popular South Florida plan provides the following:

  • Shopping list including a healthy snack list
  • A 5 day jump start which will starts the weight loss process
  • A 2 week supply of protein shakes, Lipotain and high potency fish oil
  • Pre-planned menus which are portion controlled, use heart healthy fats, utilize healthy carbs and are easy to follow
  • Step by step instructions on how to use plan
  • A success manual which includes support strategies, success tips, goal setting, exercise recommendations
  • Weight management instructions once you have reached your goal
  • Add acupuncture to your plan to improve overall health, metabolism and digestion
  • Receive special plan pricing Call (954) 570-5848 for additional details!

    Do you need to get your current diet back on track, lose weight quickly or just improve the results of your current plan?  Try our jump start packages: Our Quick Loss Package
    which contains Slentiva, a natural appetite suppressant (does not contain caffeine) and Ultra Meal Medical Food, in your choice of flavors.  This will allow you to loose weight quickly and get back to your weight management program.
  • Our Fat Buster Package contains Lipotain and L- Carnitine. These two supplements will assist with fat breakdown.  Pair the supplements with your current food and exercise plan.

    All weight loss packages are available for immediate purchase at the online store.

    What our patients are saying about our weight loss solutions:

    Debby S : "  I lost 30 pounds with Dr. Christa's plan- I was never hungry and loved cooking my own food!"

    Lisa O: " I tried every plan out there and was never able to keep off the weight.  With The Good Choice Diet, I lost 38 pounds in 3 1/2 months and have kept it off for nearly a year!!"

    Dawn C: " My teenage daughter and I started the plan together and have lost a combined total of 43 pounds!  I was promoted at work and my daughter worked up the nerve to try out for the school play!  Our new found energy and confidence has changed our lives!"

    Most weight loss plans use protein drinks and meal replacement shakes.  For many, it may take some getting used to having your meal in a glass.  But is a small price to pay for the results your weight loss plan will reap!   Meal replacement shakes pack a huge amount of nutrition into one drink. They are calorie controlled and can be one of the best diet tricks to help you lose weight. Meal replacement shakes offer a lot of flexibility and can be made to go! 

    Add Your Own Boost To Your Protein Shakes  

    Protein shakes come in a variety of flavors. Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana and peach are just a few of the yummy flavors.  Armed with a blender, ice , water and a few of your favorite fruits you can create a delicious and nutritious meal.  Adding a cup of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, banana or mango increase the antioxidant power and fiber content of your drink.  If you would like some added protein add soy, almond or rice milk to your mix. This will give a different taste to the "ordinary" smoothie.  If you really want to boost your health add herbal extracts such as marshmallow root, echinacea, bacopa or wild cherry bark.  To step up the antioxidant power and taste of your shake add acai juice, pomegranate juice, mango or papaya juice.  Just be careful, the juices while a great immune system builder can also add quite a few extra calories- read your labels!!!  Good quality meal replacement drinks will be a good source of vital nutrients such as calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin D and zinc.

    What is the best quality meal replacement/protein shake? 

    Walk into a health food store and you will find at least 5 different protein powders which are to be used as meal replacement shakes!  What makes a product the best weight loss and wellness builder?  First, protein powders will be either whey or soy based.  There is a huge debate regarding the pros and cons of each.  I recommend a soy based product for several reasons.  Soy has many health building qualities, especially for women.  In most cases, soy is better tolerated by the digestive system.  Also, high quality soy products are dairy free.  The amount of desirable protein per serving is 12-17g.  There is no need to use a product with 30-40g of protein per serving- from a weight loss perspective.  One of the biggest diet friendly attributes of a meal replacement shake is it needs to fall on the low side of the glycemic index.  This quality will help curb cravings and leave you feeling full and satisfied after the meal.  I strongly recommend staying away from products with artificial colorings and sweeteners.  A product with added preservatives is a clear indication of the poor quality of the product. In most cases, it indicates the product is highly processed and more than likely not as "health conscious" as your diet plan needs to be.  The product I use most often and have seen incredible results with is Ultra Meal Medical Food- produced by Metagenics.  I have used this product in my weight loss plans for many years and I have seen amazing results- both in weight loss and wellness building.  Ultra Meal  is 160 calories per serving and is a low glycemic index food.  It is also gluten,dairy and nut free. This product is one of the best weight loss products for adults and teens.  The mild taste and easy digestion makes this a very kid/teen friendly product.  Ultra Meal is one of the key products in the Good Choice Diet and can be obtained at http://www.drchrista.com/Products.php.

    Meal replacement shakes are great for quick weight loss

    One of the biggest reasons meal replacement shakes are used in weight loss plans is the caloric content of the shakes is generally low.  You can receive a lot of nutrition and taste in just a few calories. With the low calorie count of the actual protein powder you have a great deal of flexibility on fruits which can be added to jazz it up!  Remember, healthy weight loss requires reducing calorie intake, increasing nutritional value of foods, increasing fitness and keeping your daily commitment to better yourself and those around you. Remember, protein shakes are just one smart part of the best diet but they can be used to accelerate weight loss by reducing the number of calories consumed (thus using the shakes as 1 or 2 meals plus a snack). 

    You have made a commitment to improve your health, regain your confidence and lose weight- keep up the hard work.  Welcome the setbacks as opportunities to find new solutions!!!  Yours in health!  

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